Time that will truly be remembered

We offer access to extremely high-quality research-grade equipment for your use over the internet.  Observers at Global-Rent-a-Scope take advantage of the 5 systems configured in 4 different combinations that present a variety of fields of view.  From an amazing  123 X 83 arc minutes to a field as narrow as 13 X 8 arc minutes.  These incredibly precise systems provide accurate and predictable results as reflected by the outstanding work of those observers engaged in active research.

Professional and amateur astronomers use Global-Rent-a-Scope to do research, view and capture images of nebulae, galaxies, and various other astronomical objects of interest. 

Here is what some of our users say about Global-Rent-a-Scope .

IM51_LRGB_450x30004“Finally, I would just like to say to any "potential customers" that at Global-Rent-a-Scope your issues or fears will be quickly overcome. From the first-rate equipment to the ease of operation to "the man (Arnie) behind the scenes" making sure your experience is the best that it can possibly be... Global-Rent-a-Scope helps make dreams come true!!!” --- Jack

“When I first logged on to use the scope I was immediately impressed with how straightforward the controls were set up.” - Matt

“Thanks for the awesome maiden voyage through the heavens last  night.  Being able to remotely operate your Mewlon 300 from the comfort of my  home in Oregon was a real thrill, not to mention a time saver.” - Perry 

 ”I look forward to many years as a “Global-Rent-a-Scope” customer and to many enjoyable hours of affordable and convenient imaging through “Global-Rent-a-Scope”. But more than this, I look forward to the images that “Global-Rent-a-Scope” makes it possible for me to take.” - Ed

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All images on this site are Global-Rent-a-Scope images.  The raw images were all captured from our observatory over the Internet.  Final images may require additional software for processing.

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